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book coverB is for Breadfruit
Staysean Daley
B is for Breadfruit is a charming, colourful, vibrant set of alphabet flashcards that bring more than a fun way to learn the ABCs. Along with the alphabet, budding readers are introduced to Jamaica’s rich, diverse culture. From vibrant ferns...
book coverThe Dark of the Sea
Imam Baksh
Obsessed with girls, devoid of muscles and faced with hostile teachers and a reading disability, 15-year-old Danesh has been struggling to survive life in the lower bowels of the Essequibo high school system. In a community wracked by alcoholism, suicide...
book coverA Dark Iris
Elizabeth J. Jones
It is 1972 and 12-Year-old Rebekah Eve is excited to be on her way to the prestigious Meridian Institute with her best friend, Wanda. But Rebekah’s joy is dampened by her parents’ separation. She misses having her father at home...
book coverScary Fairy in Wicked Wood
Jana Bauer
This is highly imaginative and funny book, full of amusing characters and amazing events. Have you ever met a fairy that romps about, disturbs the peace, corrupts the young and swears? Watch out, here comes Scary Fairy! Banished by her grandmother...
book coverFlorentius The Gardener
Kęstutis Kasparavičius
Florentius is the best gardener in the Bear Kingdom. His wonderful colourful roses are popular throughout the country. But one day at the Flower Market the Queen asks him to produce a black rose for her. He has never done...
book coverIf I Only Had Time
Evald Flisar
Lost in the imaginary landscapes of novels and film, 22-year old Simon learns that he is terminally ill and has at best a year to live. Now the young student wants to cram everything life has to offer into this...
book coverA Little Horse Called Pancakes
Candice Noakes-Dobson
Meet: A Little Horse Called Pancakes… !  Adapted from real-life characters and events within the Cape Town horse-riding community. Set against the backdrop of an all-important dressage competition, these three stories see a legendary miniature horse taken ill by a life-threatening...
book coverTullula
AUTHOR Refiloe Moahloli ILLUSTRATOR Simon Mahlo
Tullula is a majestic bird born into royalty - the ndunas of the herd.  Being a nduna means having to guard the skies at night (although its not entirely clear what the ndunas are guarding against).  Tullula longs for something different, so...
book coverSkin We Are In
Sindiwe Magona & Nina Jablonski
When we meet someone, one of the things we notice is the colour of their skin. But what can someone’s skin colour tell us about them? Despite what some people say, your skin means very little! Inside we’re all the...
book coverKwezi Comic Book
Loyiso Mkize
Gold city is in for a big surprise! Mr Mpisi and his cohorts have met secretly to devise a plot to undo the rise of Kwezi and the superhero phenomena. They unleash Mamadou, a raging giant from the hidden land...

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