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  • Bund, The

    Bund, The

    Told in an engaging graphic novel format, The Bund explains the oppressive origins of Jewish resistance in Ukraine, Poland, and the "Pale of Settlement" in Tsarist Russia. Jewish people...

    • Author: Sharon Rudahl and Paul Buhle
    • Publisher: Between the Lines
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: £22.50

Advance Information Sheets

Specific information needed on every Advance Information sheet (AI).

First the important stuff...

  • Try to send this, to us and to your book distributor, seven months before publication.
  • Check that Nielsen Book Data has registered this title – search on to see if it is ‘on’ - BEFORE you send us this AI.
  • Send us all promotional supporting materials with the AI, if you do, we will get better results than if supporting matter arrive later in dribs and drabs.
  • Send us this AI in a form that we can edit and update – we prefer MS-Word. Then we can add: ‘Reviewed by XX on this date….’
  • Manage the market – anticipate what questions will arise and answer problems that buyers may come up with.
  • Manage the size of this file – keep it under 0.2Mb. Design AIs on one page.
  • We can design a template for you, and/or send you sample AIs.

Basics starting from the top:

note: Some items are not strictly necessary in an AI, but are very helpful in getting sales; or for sales administrators.

If this is a new edition, specify Second, Third, … Edition
It may help searches for your book, and hence sales, if you do not begin with A, or The, or “a quotation mark”

Cover Illustration:
This is usually about 30mm high.

Authors, Editors, Illustrators etc.
Given and Family Names for the first three contributors, if this person is an Editor, Translator, or the has written an introduction or preface, please annotate each person so named.
Please provide information on their location and affiliation (Academy/other) of each person.
Please make clear the gender of each person.

One line summary:
Description (Not too long, bullet points may help here.)

If this is a book in a series please specify Series (and series ISSN if there is one) and the number in that series.

SUBJECT 1 and BIC Code
SUBJECT 2 and BIC Code
Area and Sub Area specification and Geographic BIC Codes

Height in mm
Width in mm
Most books are portrait format, but if this one is Landscape please specify: ‘Landscape format’.

Weight in grams.
Number of books in a pack.
Page extent.
Publication Date.
Format: Pbk/ Hbk/ other?
If the title is wholly or partially Value Added Taxable, please indicate this in the form:
GBP 9.99 inc. VAT (GBP XX.XX without tax, plus x.xx VAT)

Illustration and other features:
(Line drawing? Painting? Photo? Maps ? Index ? Bibliography? Tables? Includes a CD? Other?)

Are illustrations in Colour or black and white? – all of them/ some of them (how many)?
If the illustrations are the key part of the book, perhaps include, a typical page or spread.

Specify if this is a new Edition? (e.g. Third)
and include a note, e.g. ‘the previous (e.g. Second) edition was ISBN: 978123456789X’

Language (if not English)

Activities/ reviews/ happenings/ media that will be drawing attention to this book.
Endorsed by “a quote from Prof XXX or Personality YYY”

Similar to/ better than:
It may help sell a book if you tell a buyer that is like X popular book(s); and perhaps why your book is distinctive and better.

General, under-graduate, post-graduate, library, age range if not adult.

Exceptional discounts:
If you have an exceptional discount on this title or series, as compared with the regular discount that applies to the rest of your list, please annotate the AI: ‘NB Discount XX%’.

Name of Distributor *phone number/website