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  • Joy Dancer, The

    Joy Dancer, The

    Gregory isn’t keen on soccer, but he loves to dance and jive and feel the energy and rhythm in the music that is all around him.​Dancing brings him joy – and an adventure more dazzling than he...

    • Author: Gregory Vuyani Maqoma
    • Publisher: Jacana
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: £7.99

Charges for Additional Services

GBM Ltd and Central Books Ltd charge for certain services, some examples below:

Central Books Ltd

**Sending a single book to a UK address (review or inspection copy) 500-1kg 4.50

**Sending 45 book to a UK address (e.g. for a conference stall)

Box, each 1.40 x 2 2.80

Delivery 5.90 x 2 11.80

Time, pick and pack: 23 mins

Time, administration: 6 mins

Time: 29 mins at 0.39 per minute [ 23.40 per hour ] 11.31

Total 25.91

Time for other misc. activities, e.g. labeling books is at the same rate 0.39 per min [ 23.40 per hour]

GBM Ltd.

**Attending an event in London to sell books for a publisher’s event.Hopefully income would be in excess of such costs!

Costs of travel, for one person there and back, by public transport within London: 7.00

Time, admin, accounting, (before and after the event) 20 minutes

Time, at the event: 120 minutes

Time, travel there and back: 75 minutes

Time: 215 minutes at 0.50 per minute 107.50

Total 114.50

**Shelf at Frankfurt Book Fair 150.00

**Meeting a publisher at a Book Fair(London and Frankfurt no charge

**Logging a book on to Nielsen Book Data, in an emergency no charge

** ditto, not in an emergency, for first ten titles 25.00

**Editing: Images, AIs. 0.50 per minute

**Supplementary meetings not at fairs

Travel costs, travel time and meeting time, per person. 0.50 per minute

** Financial planning, market analysis, special reports, etc: 83.3p per minute

Time for other misc. urgent activities, e.g. resolving problems of shipping books is at the same rate 83.3 per minute [50.00 per hour]

NB: Times quoted are approximations. Rates are liable to change. Rates quoted were correct on 1.0113. VAT will be added.

Sales Administration:

Sometimes publishers have questions: Why was X shop not been sent some dues? or Why is X out of stock? Why did X shop refuse to take Z book? We can look into such things for you.

The answer to the first question might be that X shop is on stop, it might be that it has a preference to avoid a surcharge on a small order. The answer to the second question might be that an order is on its way; it might be that it sold the day before, and/or X has not yet reordered; it might be that they order through a third party, or that they had decided that it wasn’t selling fast enough and that they didn’t need to stock it.

The answer to the third question might be that they have other similar books in stock, that Z did not sell well before, or that when we visited we did not have a spare AI or catalogue to leave and the buyer was out just then? Finding answers may take time - and phone calls and emails may be needed to find answers. If a publisher is prepared to pay for that time – at the rate generally charged for administration by Central Books – we will do our best to find answers if you wish us to. [23.40 per hour, minimum charge 1 hour, we will charge again when we pass 60 minutes].

Sales Planning

Whenever we take on a new book we consider how best we can sell, try to anticipate opportunities and foresee and prevent problems that get in the way of selling. With new projects, new products, and new publishers there are generally more issues that occur. Our standard advice is [1] to try out selling and see if you can easily persuade normal trade buyers? [2] Plan marketing eight months ahead. [3] Prepare sales materials thoroughly (for example if your colour illustrations are the USP of a book, make sure that reps have, from the start, a couple of top quality actual size colour pages to show buyers.)

We are pleased to meet with publishers at book fairs to discuss new books and to report back on sales. We do not charge for this. We also meet with new publishers for an hour or so to discuss how best to start selling – this also without charge.

If you want us to spend more time helping you to plan a project please consider two options: Either paying us a retainer of 100 a year (which will pay for 2 hours of our time and an hour free) or ask us to spend an hour planning a particular project for 30. (20 mins free and 40 mins for 30). If you pay for our time we will have time to do that calmly.

Other Help for Small Publishers

[1] Global Book Marketing Ltd is offering to register new titles on Nielsen Book Data if a publisher sends, to Arlene, all their Advance Information sheets.

Once a title was registered, Global Book Marketing Ltd. (Arlene Hanson) would then send the Advance Information sheets on to Central, and start the marketing process. Everyone would know that new titles could be ordered by any bookshop immediately and the ISBN has been checked and proved correct. We could start a marketing process knowing that a title was ‘on’, rather than waiting until we knew that it was on.

[2] This will save time for a publisher who only registers occasional titles with Nielsen Book Data and cannot remember the process or passwords.

[3] It may help add other features - Global Book Marketing Ltd might add BIC codes to AIs where needed; this helps the marketing process and helps get books into the right sections in shops. If, for example, a book might be Philosophy and/or Drama, whatever [first] BIC code is used with Nielsen, this first code may determine the section in a shop that will buy [often the only section that may stock such a book]. It helps to always have such Subject code details and keywords included in AIs. Otherwise a rep may try drama and be told no [go to Philosophy, or v.v., which wastes time and may well harm sales.

[4] The Publisher would need to advise Nielsen Book Data that Global Book Marketing Ltd has this permission. That permission might be rescinded by the publisher.

This service would be provided FREE, if all details are correctly supplied, to Arlene Hanson Global Book Marketing Ltd, 20 Linnet Close, Abbeydale, Gloucester, GL4 4UA Email: Phone: (+44) 01452 305494

Office Hours: Mondays & Wednesdays 9:30 – 5:30; Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:30 – 3:00 OFF ON FRIDAYS

(For details of what information is needed on Advance Information sheets, please have a look at the GBM website –> Publishers –> Advance Information sheets).

Corrections and updates, might also be made at a cost ½ at the rate specified by Central for Administrative time [40p per minute?]; which amount to be payable to GBM Ltd, and charged annually (or wherever amount is greater than 30) as an additional charge to repping,