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  • Wonder Drug

    Wonder Drug

    Are the most remote frontiers of 21st century exploration inside the human mind?  Wonder Drug is the graphic history of a controversial and little-known medical research project...

    • Author: Hugh D.A. Goldring
    • Publisher: Between the Lines
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: £13.95

Supplementary Points

Academic and reference books:
Should include a table of contents – if more than 60 words please summarise.

Illustrated books:
To sell illustrated books we will routinely show an AI on a right hand page and have on the left a facing page illustrating an inside page or pages. We may also show a spread of two facing pages.

On the AI, please specify colour and type of illustration. (Photo, line drawing, painting).

Books for children can usually only be sold if a buyer can see several inside spreads.
Art and photographic books are also best sold with sample pages.

We prefer it if publishers send us supporting materials in three ways:
1. By post 10 copies of one or more of final inside spreads – two facing pages.
2. By e-mail small images (under 0.3Mb of the same) and,
3. larger high definition images – (2Mb)

If you have published many similar titles a buyer will know what to expect.

But if you are a new publisher, if you are publishing in a new area, or if you are publishing something out of the ordinary, and where the illustrations make up the foremost part of the book – in all such cases we need to show enough to persuade a buyer that this book must be stocked.

It helps if we can give away bound proofs or samples in such cases. Please send five to twenty samples to our London office. If you are printing a wrapper for a hardback please get some extra copies printed and send us twenty.

Additional Information:
Any hook that will facilitate a sale in particular places e.g: an event on this will take place in a small museum in AA, university courses of this them are taught in places 1 to 8; Author lived in BB for twenty years.

Such details are perhaps best not included on the AI, lest that become too long.
AIs should be quick-to-absorb pithy documents.
But extra details may help the rep in one key city that even if no great use elsewhere, so perhaps send supplementary notes in a second document for odd details.

A longer more detailed 100 word description might be included in an additional document.